Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need more caffeine....yawn!

The coffee is just not doing it for me this morning. I need a caffeine injection or something...lol! I feel like I've only been up for a few minutes, not a few hours!
Need to get working......I just finished packing some items I need to ship out. These are for customers of my other ebay store....actual products, not graphics and templates, lol. I really need to get that store up to par...I haven't completely stocked it up since I opened it. I have a so many products I need to list, it's not even funny! I sort of let that store go once I started the designing business, but I have a literal warehouse with all of these brand new products that are just sitting there. One of these days, I need to go through everything and take new pics and start listing everything into my other store. Time, I need more time in a day...lol!
Plus, I've got my new T-shirt designing thing going on.....that has done really well and I'll be posting some of the designs on here shortly.
I've been trying to get my parents to start selling on ebay....they would be so good at it! They've finally opened an account and I sent them a digital camera to use, so we'll see :)
Ok, I'm off to work on more orders....Cheers!

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